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The Pocket Pain Program


During the 80s I worked as a psychologist at Mt Wilga Rehabilitation Centre. This was an Australian Government centre for the rehabilitation of people after workplace and motor vehicle accidents.

I was responsible for delivering relaxation classes and the psychological / behavioural part of the Centre's pain management programs. The attendees were largely manual workers, many of whom were relatively illiterate. 

After much trial and error, I produced a program that seemed to help, and documented it. It was translated quite widely for non English speaking Australian workers. That helped me to clarify the ideas in my own mind (otherwise they wouldn't translate). 

The Pocket Pain Program is a year 2000 revision of that 1984 course manual, aimed this time at people with reasonable English. I produced it with the help of Dr Robin Mitchell, occupational health physician.

Download The Pocket Pain Program PDF (33 KB). Print it double sided, then fold as a brochure.