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It's what you can't see that hurts you

In our "Fresh Muscles" video the narrator says

  • "When we look at someone working we mainly see the parts of the body that move..."

We see what's obvious, and miss what's important. The muscles used to be called "the little hearts" because of the way that they helped blood pump around the body. A working muscle must move, or it shuts off its own blood flow!

This talk, The Invisible Aspects of Work, is a Powerpoint presentation (delivered here as a PDF file). Dr Robin Mitchell and I put it together, to help ergonomic furniture designers and sales staff to understand some of the issues in modern work. Why do people get sore? How big should a desk be? How should tasks be organised (because you need to design the workplace to support that)?

Download The Invisible Aspects of Work - large PDF file (360K).