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  • u7cc.彩票-u7澳门彩app-2021年澳门金牛版U7-澳门六开彩u7彩票National Center for Women and Children's Health Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention

    u7cc.彩票-u7澳门彩app-2021年澳门金牛版U7-澳门六开彩u7彩票 The National Center for Women's and Children's Health (China WCH) of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) is a State-level professional organisation for women and children's health under the aegis of the China CDC. It is the national center for the technical direction of women and children's health care including maternal and child health (WCH/MCH). The core of the Center's work is to implement ‘Law of People's Republic of China on Maternal and Infant Health Care', ‘Program for Development of Chinese Woman' and ‘National Program of Action for Child Development in China'. Our guiding principles in this work are ‘with preventive care as the priority, around a core mission of health care and with the objective of guaranteeing reproductive health, to combine preventive health care and clinical practice to serve (at risk) groups and the grassroots'.

    u7cc.彩票-u7澳门彩app-2021年澳门金牛版U7-澳门六开彩u7彩票 The main responsibilities of the center:


    1. To implement WCH/MCH work and provide technical support and proposals to Chinese government drafting laws, regulations, policies, plans and projects on WCH/MCH.


    2. To organize the formulation of WCH/MCH technical programs, guidelines and standards.


    u7cc.彩票-u7澳门彩app-2021年澳门金牛版U7-澳门六开彩u7彩票 3. Carry out scientific research in the fields related to WCH/MCH, and monitor, evaluate the health status and influencing factors of women and children.


    u7cc.彩票-u7澳门彩app-2021年澳门金牛版U7-澳门六开彩u7彩票 4. To undertake the information construction of WCH/MCH, and take responsible for the collection, management and application service technical support.


    u7cc.彩票-u7澳门彩app-2021年澳门金牛版U7-澳门六开彩u7彩票 5. To implement professional guidance on local WCH/MCH work, organize professional training, promote new technologies and methods, and participate in the technical assessment and evaluation of maternal and child health services.


    6. Carry out maternal and child health education, health science popularization and health promotion.


    7. Carry out postgraduate education and continuing education in the field of WCH/MCH.


    8. Carry out international exchanges and cooperation in areas related to WCH/MCH.


    u7cc.彩票-u7澳门彩app-2021年澳门金牛版U7-澳门六开彩u7彩票 9. To undertake other tasks as mandated by China CDC.


    The National Center for Women's and Children's Health (China WCH) of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) has 16 internal institutions, including the Integrated Office, the Personnel Department, the Finance Department, the Party Masses Office, the Discipline Inspection, Supervision and Audit Office, the Science and Education Department, the Ministry of Children's Health, the Ministry of Women's Health, the Ministry of Pregnancy and Maternity Health, the Management Department of Assisted Reproductive Technology, the Policy Research Office and the Information Management Department, International Cooperation Project Department, Maternal and Infant Health Care Legal Certificate Affairs Management Office, Maternal and Child Health Monitoring Office and Health Education Office.

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