David Brown's work in health and safety is used throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you want to know more, here is his formal resume and here is an informal one.
Materials for stress and ergonomics
These inexpensive aids make it easier to run stress and ergonomics programs. 
The Pocket Stress Reliever
The Pocket Ergonomist
Puts expert knowledge on every desktop, reducing the cost of ergonomic surveys. 
Road to Comfort
Fresh Muscles, for office ergonomics, remastered and almost done!
Fresh Muscles
New book on stress
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Fresh Muscles: Preventing Fatigue at Work

The classic office ergonomics training video by Dr Robin Mitchell and David Brown, digitally remastered and updated. 

It's been in preparation for a long time - give me an excuse and I'll finish it! Topics include

  • How constant tension reduces blood flow and causes discomfort,
  • How to adjust your workstation to reduce static muscle load,
  • How to work with rhythm,
  • How to find micropauses, and
  • A thoroughly tested set of workplace exercises.

New topics include finishing your work, computer mice, and telephone use.

In keeping with today's more status-free workplaces, the style of the narration has been changed from "authoritative" to "person to person chat". 

The video comes with a comprehensive Leader's Guide.