David Brown's work in health and safety is used throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you want to know more, here is his formal resume and here is an informal one.
Materials for stress and ergonomics
These inexpensive aids make it easier to run stress and ergonomics programs. 
The Pocket Stress Reliever
The Pocket Ergonomist
Puts expert knowledge on every desktop, reducing the cost of ergonomic surveys. 
Road to Comfort
Fresh Muscles, for office ergonomics, remastered and almost done!
Fresh Muscles
New book on stress
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The Pocket Ergonomist

The Pocket Ergonomist is perhaps the world's most widely distributed ergonomics publication. 

The idea arose in 1984, when I was running a long series of workshops about pain at work for the Safety Institute of Australia and National Safety Council of Australia.  Each day I would find myself drawing the same table on the board, showing the relationship between the part of the body that hurt, the common activities that produce the pain, and the most common solutions. 

One afternoon, sitting at home, I drew it up as a small brochure, with rough pencil drawings of the body, and photocopied them for my workshops. Using that handout cut an hour off the time it took to deliver the course!

Then two things happened. A friend of mine, Serge, who knows a lot about exercises, thought it was quite good, and offered to print it. (He has a printing factory.) Dr Robin Mitchell, an occupational health physician who is legendary for being bossy, insisted that if it was to be printed, it should be perfect. So we found a graphic artist and gave him a a dreadful time until the drawings were just right, and Robin added his exact touch to the words. 

The Pocket Ergonomist has been translated into 27 languages and is used around the world. We had originally thought that it would only be used by a few supervisors! 

If you live in New Zealand you can get a copy free from OSH - the entire country is licenced to use it. If you live outside NZ it will cost you just a little to get one.  

There's a new version that includes more about stress and computer mice.