David Brown's work in health and safety is used throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you want to know more, here is his formal resume and here is an informal one.
Materials for stress and ergonomics
These inexpensive aids make it easier to run stress and ergonomics programs. 
The Pocket Stress Reliever
The Pocket Ergonomist
Puts expert knowledge on every desktop, reducing the cost of ergonomic surveys. 
Road to Comfort
Fresh Muscles, for office ergonomics, remastered and almost done!
Fresh Muscles
New book on stress
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The Road to Comfort - your online guide to health at the computer
The Road to Comfort

Ergonomics training and self-help software

The Road to Comfort is an interactive on-line guide to health and comfort for anyone who uses a computer.

It promotes individual responsibility for health and well being. Fast and user-friendly, it takes only moments to find the information you’re looking for. It's deliberately inexpensive so every employee can have a copy. 

It helps users:

  • Adjust their workstation correctly – chair, desk, VDU and mouse;
  • Perform simple stretching exercises;
  • Remedy minor discomforts caused by poor work practices;
  • Reduce fatigue by working smarter; and
  • Resolve bad feelings in the workplace.

It helps managers:

  • Keep track of who has been trained;
  • Gather reports about discomfort, and act upon them;
  • Reduce the cost of work-related injuries;
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest thinking in ergonomics; and
  • Send a consistent, positive message about health and comfort at the computer.
How it works – the user’s perspective: You train at your own workstation at your own pace, learning to adjust your furniture and equipment and learning sound work techniques. As you move through the training, you fill out a Completion Certificate, recording your training and also noting any problems that you can’t solve without help. The program takes about 30 minutes to complete. 

At any time later, you can use the software as a personal advisor, to help identify and resolve any aches, pains or feelings of stress that may develop while you work.

The program is so easy to use, it doesn't even need instructions. 

How it works – the manager’s perspective: No software installation is required! After copying just one file or directory to your server (depending on the version you choose), you send each user a Certificate of Completion by email or in printed form, giving them a network address pointing to the file, and asking them to fill in and return the Certificate. 

The software comes with a deployment guide that tells you how to introduce the package and how to deal with the responses you receive. When the Certificates are returned to you, for people without problems, it takes only seconds to check their form. If someone has a problem that needs attention, the deployment guide explains how to respond, or you may use your existing health response systems. 

What it costs - The software costs under $10 per user in quantity. Combine that with savings in staff time from the efficient training sequence, and you've got probably the least expensive method of ergonomics training available today. 

Optional customised versions - Talk to us. If you have exercise graphics, standard chairs, etc we can include them in your version for a small customisation fee. 

Performance - If you’re tired of waiting minutes for on-line education programs to load, you’ll be delighted with this package. The Windows Help version is so fast, it's virtually instantaneous. The HTML Help version is also speedy compared to other online courses. 

Formats - The Windows Help version is ideal for Windows users on an internal network, whereas the HTML Help version can be read by virtually every browser. They have the same content.

Sample Certificate of Completion