David Brown's work in health and safety is used throughout Australia and New Zealand. If you want to know more, here is his formal resume and here is an informal one.
Materials for stress and ergonomics
These inexpensive aids make it easier to run stress and ergonomics programs. 
The Pocket Stress Reliever
The Pocket Ergonomist
Puts expert knowledge on every desktop, reducing the cost of ergonomic surveys. 
Road to Comfort
Fresh Muscles, for office ergonomics, remastered and almost done!
Fresh Muscles
New book on stress
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The Pocket Stress Reliever
He's lost his Pocket Stress Reliever

It would have reminded him that it doesn't take an earthquake to make you feel stressed.

Just normal, everyday things, done for long enough, can leave you emotionally exhausted and that's exactly what stress is!
As David Brown, workplace psychologist and author of The Pocket Stress Reliever, explains:

If you never get to the end, if all your tasks are incomplete, day after day... you'll be stressed.

If you don't structure your work you miss out on all the moments of completion, all those micro-rests, that structure brings... that's stress.

If you feel put upon and resentful at work, or let the sun set on an argument, then take those feelings home with you and leave them on your mind all night... that's stress too.

The Pocket Stress Reliever explains how to recognise and act upon these symptoms. It's a brochure-size introduction to David Brown's work.